June 2023

How to pitch to investors: insider tips to get funded

How to pitch to investors?

What a lot of investors look for comes down to a global, sustainable, under-served (or unmet) market need:

🗺️ Global – ambitions to expand outside the startup’s country;

🌱 Sustainable – business model that will last, in principle, forever;

😧 Under-served – there could be competitors, but the market is large enough for multiple suppliers;

😬 Unmet – if the need is unmet, then the startup may have to educate the market (a frighteningly expensive prospect) or the market may not be ready – compare the Apple Newton with the iPad – similar products but introduced 17 years apart, and the iPad has been 10,000 times more successful;

💸 Market – the product/service is capable of being profitably monetised; and

⌛️Need – the market has a need, not a wish or desire.

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