December 2022

Immigrated Talent Playbook

  • 49% of the UK’s fastest-growing startups have at least one foreign-born co-founder.
  • 9 of the UK’s 14 startup unicorns have at least one foreign-born co-founder.
  • The fast-growing immigrant-founded companies of the Top 100 have attracted a combined £3.7bn in investment (The Entrepreneurs Network)

But a lot of immigrant founders are lacking contacts and reliable service partners in the new business environment. Pretiosum Ventures put together the Immigrated Talent Playbook which covers:

🚀 Angel investors & Community members

🚀 Accelerators & Incubators

🚀 UK Unicorns

🚀 VCs

🚀 Media resources

🚀 Tech communities

🚀 Various service partners

🚀 Tech Conferences

Access here.

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