June 2023

Cointelegraph x Pretiosum: Investing in DeFi Report

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, strives to break down financial barriers to achieve the noble goal of 'banking the unbanked.' It's clear that every application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the potential to reshape multiple industries. Still, DeFi is likely to remain at the forefront because it opens up access to financial services traditionally reserved for select individuals in the conventional financial (TradFi) world.

The financial upheavals of the 21st century seem to echo the words of Mark Twain - "history does not repeat, but it rhymes." This suggests that more individuals, even those currently engaged with TradFi, may need to explore alternatives like DeFi in the future.

Our report, "Investing in DeFi: A Comprehensive Guide," aims to provide valuable insights derived from various data analysis and industry best practices. It offers a foundation for understanding and investing in the promising world of DeFi.

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