April 2023

Partnership with Cambridge University

The project: Identify investment-worthy start-ups for Pretiosum Ventures

Pretiosum Ventures tasked students with a ‘research and deal flow analysis project’ to identify potential start-ups for investment.

In addition to sourcing up to 40 start-ups that fit with our investment criteria, we asked students to carry out research on the Web3 landscape in Europe, build our community on Twitter, and present their findings to senior partners on our investment committee. This was the first time we’d hosted a GCP project with Cambridge Judge Business School, so we were really excited to get involved.

Our aim for the project was to give students practical, hands-on experience on what it’s like to be an associate in an early-stage fund. The Venture Capital space is becoming increasingly tougher to break into and may seem intimidating. We’re passionate about helping to debunk myths about a career in VC, and we wanted to provide practical experience to support upcoming talent.

Key takeaways: An insight into real-world VC activities for the students and an actionable result for Pretiosum Ventures

Sarah says the project was invaluable in preparing the team for life after the MFin. “It gave us a real glimpse into what the venture capital industry does in practice and how things work in real life,” she says. “This was a breath of fresh air after months of building up academic and theoretical knowledge.

“We learnt first-hand how the VC industry works, how to value and rank companies, and what metrics to use in valuation,” she says. “We also learnt what happens in the Web3 space, how to prepare and survive investment committees, and what channels and techniques to use for research and valuation purposes. We now also know at least a couple of friendly faces that work in venture capital in London!”

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