March 2023

Pretiosum Ventures x SeedLegals 2023 Funding Playbook

Get prepared before you sit down with potential investors with our startup funding guide. We explore the most common ways to fund a startup, explain how a priced equity round works and go step by step through all the legal documents you need to close the deal. Plus, we lay out three agile funding strategies to help you take in cash as and when you need it.

Meet the experts giving their insights: Anthony Rose – SeedLegals Co-founder and CEO, serial entrepreneur, startup champion Jonny Seaman – Investor Partnership Manager, SeedLegals Abbie Main – Funding Specialist, Sales Manager, SeedLegals Liliana Conrad – Funding Specialist, Senior Account Manager, SeedLegals Ben O’Rourke – Data Scientist, SeedLegals Yana Abramova – Founder and Managing Partner, Pretiosum Ventures

Get the guide to learn: ✔ Insider insights into the UK’s funding landscape in 2023 ✔ The pros and cons of the different sources of startup capital ✔ The steps involved in a priced equity round ✔ Agile funding strategies to help you raise ✔ Jargon-free definitions of key funding terms ✔ How SeedLegals makes fundraising easier

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